We rent the truck and trailer for you to take the test with and we include 5 hours of instruction with rental. We also provide to each customer a Pre-Trip instructional DVD that you can watch before your appointment to make your day easier. We take only one customer per day so you do not have to share your time with anyone else.

Truck and Trailer
The truck is an International Single-Axle Day cab. It is easy to drive and has a back window that makes backing the trailer easier. The trailer is a 40 Hyster Lowboy. It is lower to the ground than a normal flatbed trailer so you can see clearly when backing. It is short enough to make it easier for your turns when driving but it is long enough that it is not a nightmare when backing compared to a shorter trailer.

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Getting Started

#1 Obtain Your Class A Cdl Permit
  • You must take the General Knowledge, Combination, and Air Brakes portion of the written test at your local Driving Examination facility. After you pass those tests, take the form and buy your permit at your local License Bureau. According to new state law you must wait two weeks from the date of purchasing your permit to the time of your being able to take the CDL test.

#2 Schedule Your Appointment With Us
  • Call us at 573-450-1073 to schedule an appointment. We will set up your CDL test with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

What If I Fail My Test?
  • If you happen to fail your CDL test the first time we will provide a free second chance for you. It does not include the 5 hours of instruction again although time can be purchased, but it does include taking the CDL test again once more at no extra cost to you.

Do Most People Pass With This Service?
  • Since we have started in 2008 we have achieved and maintained a 97% pass rate.