We have been in business since 2008 and we are a family owned company. We are located in Sikeston, Missouri. Ray is the owner of the company and he does the scheduling of applicants. Shane is Ray’s son and he trains those who want to get their CDL. Click here for more info.

TCI is a company that is dedicated to making Missouri highways a safer place to travel.

The benefits of training cannot be overstated.  Each day over a thousand professional drivers are involved in an accident ranging from minor fender benders to major losses.  Yes, over 400,000 commercial motor vehicles accidents occur each year resulting in lost time and wages.  Thousands are injured or crippled while over 5000 lives are claimed.

Missouri truck driving schools are located throughout the state of Missouri for the purpose of training the thousands of potential drivers the proper way of handling commercial motor vehicles.  TCI Incorporated began offering CDL services in the 3rd quarter of 2008. 

Since TCI started offering our services to the public, hundreds of satisfied customers have successfully obtained their Class A and Class B CDL License.  Click here for more information.