The trucking industry has a shortage of drivers!  Over the next 10 years it is estimated that an additional 300,000 drivers will be needed!
    - Find immediate employment
        - Flexible short haul or long haul
            - Give your family security in a tough
                 economic time


Having YOUR CDL makes you a more likely candidate in a competitive job market!
    - Stand out by having your
      Class A or B license
    - Be able to operate virtually
      any vehicle a job demands
    - Give yourself the flexibility to
      accept work that meets your
      schedule; nights, weekends,
      daytime, whenever!

Looking to make trucking your career and need to get a CDL? No problem.
TCI Incorporated can help you get a CDL. We provide one-on-one personalized instruction as respects the pre-trip inspection, skills tests and road test.

First Steps to Obtain Your CDL License
You must take and pass the 3 written tests:
       - General Knowledge Test
       - Combination Knowledge Test
       - Air Brake Knowledge Test
      These are multiple choice questions
You can pick up a CDL manual free at your local DMV Office and begin studying before you take the written test. Once you have studied for the tests call your local DMV office for the nearest DMV written test location. Once you have obtained your CDL permit call TCI at 573-450-1073 to make an appointment to rent our truck and trailer in order to take the pre-trip, skills, and over-the-road test with the state examiner’s office.

Rental Services:
Once you have obtained your CDL Permit contact us at 573-450-1073 and set up a date to meet with one of our CDL drivers.
We will set your appointment up for 1:30 pm in the afternoon and meet you at 8:30 am that same day to go over the following:
  We will help you to become familiar with are truck and trailer so you       will know what to say to the States Examiner regarding the pre-trip.
#2  We set up traffic cones in a paved parking lot in order for you to       practice the various backing maneuvers you will be required to       perform on your skills test
#3  We let you drive the test route that the State Examiner will take you       on. This will give you more confidence when it comes to the over the       road portion of the test.
-  5 hours of practice in Sikeston, MO
-  Easy to handle Class A automatic trucks
-  High visibility lowboy trailers

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